AV Membership — How To Join

If you already have an AV profile:

  • Go to https://members.athsvic.org.au/SignIn and sign in with with your username and password.
  • If any of your contact details have changed, select “Profile” from the navigation menu and update your details. 

If you don’t have an AV profile:

Once logged in, complete the online membership form:

  • Select “Services & News” from the navigation menu and press the “click here” link under the “Want to Renew your membership?” heading.
  • Select your membership type: choose “Athlete” if you plan on representing Malvern at AV events; or choose “Recreational Runner” if you will be training and participating in club events only.
  • If you have chosen “Athlete” membership, you may want to select a season entry package. Note that packages and individual events can also be purchased at a later date. The club pays for relay entries.
  • Complete the remaining steps of the application to pay for your membership.
  • Note importantly: When you reach the “Invoice Payment: Payment Receipt” page, you must press the “Back to portal” button to finalise the application process.